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Safe Passage, Inc.

Tina worked as a domestic violence advocate at Safe Passage, Inc. for six years, from 2011 - 2017. Through her work as an advocate, she found the legal system to fail victims in their pursuit to protect their children and break free from an abusive relationship, time and time again.It was during this period that Tina decided to go to law school to become an attorney to help victims successfully navigate the legal system.

Indiana Coalition Against Domestic Violence

Tina is a licensed attorney working with ICADV’s Attorney Satellite Program. When victims of domestic violence are working with an advocate at a local domestic violence agency and qualify, they have access to free emergency legal services.

Safety Planning

The first step when considering leaving an abusive situation is to create a comprehensive safety plan. There are so many things to consider when safety planning. Not only should you plan for the safety of you and your children, but there are also legal and financial safety issues to consider.

Protection Orders

The next step when considering leaving an abusive situation is to consider requesting a protection order. Tina can help you discover if this would be your next best step. Tina can also connect you with a Safe Passage advocate who can help you complete and file a protection order petition for free as well as complete the necessary legal intake paperwork to see if you qualify for free legal representation at your protection order hearing.

Family Law Issues

The next step when considering leaving an abusive situation is to consider all the legal avenues available to you through the legal system. Tina can help you pursue a divorce, establish paternity (or not), get child support, custody and visitation, as well as help with other family law issues.


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